The buildings are low and constructed using thick wooden materials – timbers and untrimmed panelling. The information pyramid has a planked roof, whereas the other roofs are covered with turf. Beneath the turf is a layer of birch bark, which is visible in the lower slope of the roof. Turfed roofing is used to suit the buildings to their natural surroundings. With turf covering it is necessary to create a strong construction, since wet turf is heavy. Thick panelling has been used, and this has been added horizontally, vertically and diagonally. The shape of the building and the materials used may have associations with Sami living quarters. The relatively small windows are positioned in a row under the roof rafters. The buildings are painted in a deep red colour, with doors and other decoration in green.

This photograph was taken in early spring and shows the two sales booths before the start of the sales season.


Hatteng rasteplass