The stopping-place is situated between the E8 and Storfjorden, which is the innermost part of Lyngenfjorden. The area around has a rich birdlife and is an attractive outdoor area, where rivers including the Kitsdalselva flow into the fjord. The terrain is flat and grassy, and a number of birch trees have been planted here to provide shelter from the winds. On the eastern side of the E8 there is a thick pine forest. From the stopping-place there is a view right out over the fjord to beautiful and mighty mountains in all directions: Hatten, Mannfjell, Otertind, Buefjell and Njallavarre. The place is easily visible to drivers, whether travelling north or south. The stopping-place, with its five rustic buildings, is perceived as a point marking the municipality of Storfjord and the Nord-Troms region. Travelling northwards, it is here that one really encounters Lyngenfjord, as well as Sami and Kven settlements and culture.


Hatteng rasteplass