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Markus Raetz's sculpture deals with perception and how one observes their surroundings. The sculpture changes in form and content as the viewer walks around it. A grazing area for sheep encircles the sculpture. The surrounding landscape is rugged and alive with colours that constantly change. This area is full of history. From the visitor's perspective the sculpture closely relates its environment.

This sculpture is a part of an international art collection entitled Artscape Nordland. It is a project that started in 1992 and was completed in 1998. The project was led by the county municipality of Nordland. All the artworks are situated within the landscape in 32 municipalities in the Nordland County, in addition to one in the Troms County. Numerous artists, representing 18 different countries, participated in creating the artworks.

The underlying idea of Artscape Nordland was to display artworks that create their own presence in the landscape. By drawing attention to its surroundings the sculpture bestows the site with a new dimension. The encounter between the sculpture and viewer inspires a dialogue. The varied and subjective nature of these dialogues reveals that art can be appreciated and interpreted in different ways.

Eggum kulturlandskap