The theme of the stained glass window is the "Song of Praise". A tree dominates the base of the window, uniting the entire composition. The seven-armed candlestick is formed like the crown of a tree, and is a symbol of the tree of life. In the middle, one sees the suffering cross (the Y-cross)
thereafter the tree continues to rise upwards in a vigorous way. Incorporated into the tree are individuals who have imparted the song of praise throughout the Bible. One recognises Moses and Miriam, who praise the Lord through song and dance. One also encounters Mary, "The Lord's Servant" who praised God for the task he had imposed on her. At the top one sees Old Simon, with the Christ Child in his hands. He sings his praise to God in the temple. Intermittently there are symbols of life and growth
jointly, these hold "the tree" together. The stained glass was designed by Veslemøy Nystedt Stoltenberg, while the practical work was carried out by Norsk Kunstglass.


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