Borg is situated on a rise with a lovely view of the surrounding landscape and the fjord - a location which was a necessity for the chief of the Viking society. This magnificent building lies on a rise. Yet at the same time it is orientated so that the snowdrifts and prevailing winds are least likely to be a nuisance for the people, livestock and buildings. In the long building there was a house for people on the south end and for the livestock on the north end - with a large banqueting hall in the middle. The banqueting hall was the main room in the building, and this is where the chief had his throne. This was the most important place for the local society, both secularly and religiously.

The chief's house is partially a reconstruction of an old long building which was unearthed using archaeological methods. Borg is run as a museum and experience centre. In addition to the chief's farm, it is comprised of an arrival complex for the public, administration, storerooms and exhibitions in the old vicarage. There is also a boathouse and a reconstructed Viking ship by the sea.