The building consists of a single room built of hewn logs. Two of the walls have external vertical board or board cladding and three of the corners have boxed in log ends. The walls are painted red while the door is white. On the inside both the walls and the floor have been left untreated. Originally the roof was covered by birch bark and turf, but this has been replaced by roofing felt. The low double door has also been replaced, but the old one (with hinges) is stored inside.

The mortuary stands on land belonging to Karlsøy Vicarage which is owned by Opplysningsvesenets Fond (an institution owning and managing property and other assets for the benefit of the Church of Norway). The mortuary itself is owned by Karlsøy District Council and was in 2009 given protected status in accordance with the Norwegian Cultural Heritage Act.


Likhus og gravplasser på Karlsøya