This boathouse is situated innermost in the Tosen fjord, protected by a small forest. The building was completed in 1997 and was the result of an engineer's diploma thesis. It is chiefly a boathouse, but can also be used as a simple cottage. The building is rectangular and has an arched roof that is high-pitched facing the fjord and low-pitched on the forest side. Due to its location and arched roof, the building is protected towards the northeast and from the winter storms. Towards the fjord there are large gates which can be opened. There is a door on the west-side of the building which can be closed with a wooden trapdoor.

Situated towards the southwest and the fjord is the main façade. Here the building is quite tall - nearly two-storied. The façade has varied articulation depending if the gates are opened or closed. When the gates are open, the façade has an airy expression
two large glass fields extend upwards to the roof projection. The glass expanses are flanked by two long and narrow volumes, almost like double walls. When the gates are closed, the building appears like a massive and closed volume on the ground level.

Piles comprise the foundation of the boathouse, something which elevates the building above the ground and from a possible high tide. The remaining sections of the building are constructed from woodwork. Some portions are insulated with straw. In terms of roofing materials, profiled galvanised steel sheeting was employed (corrugated iron).


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