This altarpiece was transferred to the Nesseby Church from the old Kiberg Church, which was torn down in 1746. The altarpiece has a Baroque style. It is a so-called portal altarpiece, constructed like a portal, and adorned with robust mouldings, acanthuses and carved figures. On the middle section there is a depiction of the Last Supper and of Jesus in Getsemane on the predella. The middle section is flanked by two small, slightly squat, carved figures. Considering their attributes, the figures that are situated in front of the altarpiece's pillars, must be John the Baptist (with the lamb and cross) and the High Priest Aaron. Two carved personified virtues that are lushly designed rest at the apex of the altarpiece.

The altarpiece is a work from Bergen from roughly 1720. The carved and painted figures and acanthuses were designed by the sculptor Georg Christoffer Schauer. He studied in Christiania, where the acanthus style was first introduced in Norway in 1699 with the pulpit and altarpiece in Our Saviour Church. Schauer also executed the decorative works on the altarpieces in the Gildeskål Church and Sagfjord Church (transferred from Hamarøy Church at Presteid), both in the Nordland County.


Nesseby kirke