Kirkenes Church has a long nave and two narrow aisles
its main cross section is basilican and the ceiling of the nave follows the outer roof. The chancel is narrower and lower than the nave and its floor is four steps up from the main space. The rows of pews continue into the narrow aisles. The columns, the front of the gallery and the bottom of the clerestories have discrete geometric embellishments.

Artists connected to the restoration of the Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim were tasked with the decoration of the new church in Kirkenes. The painter Gretha Thiis was in charge of the colour scheme. The sculptor Sivert Donali decorated the baptismal font and the pulpit. The decoration of the baptismal font is a white dove symbolizing the Holy Spirit and the figures on the pulpit symbolize faith, hope and love. The altarpiece was made by the sculptor Kristoffer Leirdal.


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