The farmhouse, the “new cottage”, was built in about 1906-1907 as a single-storey house. In 1922-1923, the cottage was raised, using a round of logs, so that there was an attic as well. The new cottage has a two-room ground-plan – a living room and small chamber on the ground floor and bedrooms for men and women in the attic.

The oldest building on the farm, the “old cottage”, was built by the first land-clearer in 1871. This is a small, cog-jointed, single-room cottage with a half-timbered feeding passage, and this served as living accommodation on the farm until the beginning of the twentieth century. Later, it was used as a workshop.

The outbuilding is a combined cowshed and barn, dating from the 1930s. Livestock farming of sheep and cows was the commercial basis for the farm. This long building is single-storied, with an entrance and passageway in the middle and a raised barn at each end. In the passageway is a hearth with a pan, where food was cooked for the animals. The cowshed section is built of cog-jointed planks, while the passageway and barn are half-timbered. The entire roof is covered with wooden boards.


Bjørklund gård