Raftsundet is the sound between Hinnøya (Norway's largest and most populated island apart from Svalbard) and Austvågøy in Nordland. The northern part of Raftsundet falls within the municipality of Hadsel, and the southern part within the municipality of Vågan in Lofoten. Raftsundet is the main shipping lane for maritime traffic between Vesterålen and Lofoten. On its way between Svolvær and Stokmarknes, the Norwegian Coastal Express sails along Raftsundet. There has been building development of houses and small trading places along the sound, but these have gradually lost their function as the development of the road network rendered these places - once so central - remote.

Trollfjorden is situated in Raftsundet, and this is where the "Battle of Trollfjord" took place just over a hundred years ago. This was a fight between the coastal fishermen in small rowing boats and the ship-owners in their steamships. It was later immortalized in Johan Bojer's book Den siste viking (The Last Viking).


Raftsund bru