The main road through Lofoten, the European route E10, is also part of the Norwegian National Tourist Routes scheme which aims to increase the road users' awareness and enjoyment of the landscape.

At Finnbyen the road dipd gently between the two peninsulas that define this particular space in the landscape. The road and the avalanche defense are integrated into a sculptural intervention that responds dynamically the location.

The avalanche defenses consist of two distinct parts. The southern part of the road was re-routed to go straight across the bay to thereby create both a catchment dam and mound. The northern part, closer to the mountainside, consists of a long and tall catchment mound that gradually merges into the mountainside. Both parts stop the snow flowing across the road.

The Norwegian word "byen" normally means the town, but at Finnbyen there are just a couple of fish processing plants. However, for the visitor the place offers spectacular views of the fjord, islets, mountainous islands and to the north the vast Norwegian Sea.


E10, Rassikring av Finnbyen