The first health institution on this site was a tuberculosis home, built in 1919 and run by the local tuberculosis association. This was burnt down in 1944. After the war, the municipality built an infirmary and old people's home, but the running of this was handed over to the Sami Mission. Such a co-operation between private and public agents in the health service was common in Finnmark for a while during the post-war period.

The old infirmary and the old people's home dating from 1956 function today as a children and young people's psychiatric polyclinic, and a Sami National Centre of Expertise for psychic health care was established here in 2002. Buildings were also constructed for Familieavdelingen (the Family Department) in 2004 and for Ungdomsavdelingen (the Young People's Department) in 2006.

Fossland Arkitektur AS designed the new building for the young people's department. He took as his starting-point some older building spaces that were rebuilt and developed, and the building may be seen in this photograph.


Karasjok barne- og ungdomspsykiatrisk poliklinikk