Most of the furnishings in Honningsvåg Church were donated by the local “reading society”, since 1954 renamed the Church Society. They donated a christening plate and vessel, a chandelier and the altar cloth and altar panel, which was installed in 1913. This was painted by Conrad Valeur and its motif is taken from Matthew 14. Of particular interest are two specially-made candlesticks that were donated as a gift from H.M. King Olav on the occasion of the church’s centenary celebrations.

During the period 1967-1982, a series of building-related renovations and improvements were carried out: amongst other things, the arrival of a new organ and installation of electric heating and oil-fired stoves. In 1976, a new mortuary was build behind the old one.

Over the centuries there have been many churches in the area that today constitutes the municipality of Nordkapp. Earlier, people lived mostly on the outer side of Margerøya, when the shortest possible route to the fishing fields was the most important priority. In 1589, there were a total of six churches on the island, several of them dating from the Middle Ages. Many of the small fishing stations were closed down during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. By about 1800 there was only one church remaining, at Kjelvik. A new church was consecrated there in 1844, but was destroyed by a hurricane in 1882. The church was smashed to pieces and broken logs were found several hundred metres away up the mountain.


Honningsvåg kirke