Honningsvåg was reduced to a pile of ashes during the war. After the war the only structure that remained standing was the church. To a large extent the town has retained its distinctive features from the reconstruction. Today it still appears as a direct result of the town plan that was developed by the organisation Redevelopment of Areas Destroyed by Fire (BSR). Virtually all of the available land was developed in the course a few years and the principles in the plan were also executed in later expansion. The meeting square was one of the main elements in the town's reconstruction plan. Gathered around the square are the most important civic buildings such as the town hall, gymnastics hall, cinema and school. This square is centrally located in town and is level with the old church.

The town hall and cinema form the west-wall of the square, and are designed by Arne Bjønnes. In the autumn of 1956 the complex was completed. The gymnastics hall forms the south-wall - the building was opened in 1950 and was designed by Per Lingaas.


Festplassen i Honningsvåg