This map indicates when the different farmhouses in Skallelv were built. During the first period of settlement from 1860 to 1900 the farms were established along the mouth of the river and by 1900 there were 16 farms. The southernmost part of the village is called Nesset/Niemi (the headland)
the middle part is called Bygda/Kylä (the village) or Nerbygda/Alapää (the lower part of the village) and then furthest up along the river Øverbygda/Ylipää (the upper part of the village). The next active period of new settlements was during the 1920s and 1930s when the number of farms doubled. These new farms were either in-fills along the river or new farms along the road leading to the uncultivated land. The area on the slope above the original fields is called Berget/Päri (the hill) and these farms were established after WW2.

Red: built before 1875
Orange: built 1875-1900
Blue: built 1900-1920
Green: built 1920-1940