The Petter Dass Museum was established in 1966 and forms part of the Helgeland Museum. In 1999, the museum was selected as a Nordland regional municipality millennium site. Through its nature, architecture and historical associations, the site provides a millennium perspective of church and cultural history with Alstahaug and Petter Dass at its centre.

The peaceful and beautiful Alstahaugtunet and its surroundings form a recreation area for both local people and visitors. The yard, with the old buildings, church and churchyard, is preserved under the Lov om Kulturminner (Act Concerning the Cultural Heritage).

The Museum at Alstahaug consists of the old rectory buildings dating from the eighteenth century and the new museum building, as well as a car park and service building, which date from 2007.


Alstahaug - Petter Dass-museet