There are four small windows located in the small choir, providing nice natural lighting. A lovely decorated chancel arch, which dates to the Middle Ages, is located between the choir and the sanctuary room. This opening is quite narrow, and was fortunately preserved during the expansion of the church. A recess leads in towards the choir. The chancel arch has a pedestal with an Attican profile - the same as on the church's exterior. The chancel arch has embedded columns with spherical bases and spherical capitals.

Today the church has an altarpiece with a Baroque style. It depicts the Suffering of Jesus Christ (the Passion) - on the predella (below) the Last Supper is depicted, while the Crucifixion is pictured on the middle section and the Ascension on top. The altar scenes are flanked by pairs of figures. This altarpiece was a gift from Petter Dass and his wife.


Alstahaug kirke