Ågskaret ferry landing is part of the national coastal highway in Northern Helgeland and is situated on the southern side of Holandsfjorden.

The ferry landing at Ågskaret was enlarged in 2004 to increase the capacity for ferry traffic, create a turning-place for buses and establish a satisfactory provision for waiting motorists and tourists. From the ferry landing there is a good view over the fjord and the islands.

The robust and simple building tradition in the coastal culture of Helgeland is upheld in the landscaped design of the ferry landing. Between the service building and the ferry quay there is an 80-metre long quay promenade with wooden boards, created on two levels so that the upper one functions as a long bench to sit on. On the lower level, towards the sea, there are thin metal railings. The large square is covered with light gravel, on which have been placed light-coloured stones to sit on.


Rv 17, Ågskaret fergeleie