Aronnes Day Nursery is situated in a residential area in Alta and the local climate is a challenge. In summertime its outdoor play area, which is a very important feature in Norwegian day nurseries and schools, is sheltered by the surrounding woodland. However, during the other seasons it is exposed to strong cold winds from the north and in the winter very cold air also drifts down the valley from the Finnmark Plateau. The right angled building opens up to the south and protects the outdoor play ground against the northern winds whilst two extra indoor play rooms with glazed walls and roofs provide additional shelter on the coldest or wettest days. At the end of each wing of the building the roof is extended and with decking on the ground creates some dry play space on rainy days. At the time of building these four additional weather protected areas exceeded the then accepted norms for day nurseries.

The light open porches by the entrance to each unit contrast the external walls' solid board on board vertical cladding and the sturdy pitched slate roof quarried in Alta.


Aronnes barnehage