The main house is a two-storey building with the appearance of a Trøndelag-type dwelling. The construction is of cog-jointed timbers with exterior vertical, whitewashed panelling. The building has a slate-tiled gabled roof and double-lighted windows, with four small panes in each light on the ground floor, while there are two comparable panes in the upper-floor windows. The oldest part of the house faces north and was built during the second half of the eighteenth century, while the south-west section was probably added at the beginning of the nineteenth century. The façade was originally symmetric, centring on an east-facing main portal. The house is taller than usual for a Trøndelag-type dwelling, and it seems that the reason for this was that the grandfather clock had to fit under the living-room ceiling. This clock is one of the greatest treasures on the farm.


Røkenes gård