Kanebogen Church was the last church building to be built in Norway in the last millennium. It was consecrated by Bishop Ola Steinholt at Christmas in 1999 in connection with the 1000th anniversary of the first christening in Trondenes, which took place in around the year 1000. The church is situated approx. four kilometres south of Harstad, placed by itself on a hilly elevation, facing east towards an open landscape with lots of mountains in the background. Kanebogen Church was built on the site where Fredly Chapel, which burnt down in 1984, had previously been situated. A new parish church was finally achieved after many years in rented premises in the shopping centre nearby.

The church is a working church serving many functions and containing different spaces. Consequently it has a complex building structure with many interior spaces of different shapes and sizes. This gives the church its exciting architectural appearance seen from the outside. It is of an obvious post-modernist character with its various architectural original shapes, not to mention the triangular-shaped tower that 'lifts' the church.


Kanebogen kirke