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Sigurd Bjørhove (1888-1959) is an architect who is well represented in Harstad, and one of the houses he designed is Jørns gate 39, which is situated just by the crossroads between Jørns gate and Ringgata. The site is situated on an elevation in the terrain, with views to the north and east towards Vågsfjorden.

The building itself is spread over two storeys, topped off by a flat roof with a low chimney. On the exterior, the walls are clad with horizontal panelling, so-called "su-panel", which was often used for wooden houses of a functionalist design. The boarding is painted green. The windows have simple frames with water-bars over them, and comprise three lights on the north and west sides. There is a veranda at the upper storey level, roofed over. The west-facing entrance is drawn into the façade, lending the house and the veranda a characteristic cubic shape.

Jørns gate 39