The storehouse on pillars, from roughly 1890, terminates the yard towards the west. It is built with cogging jointed planks and has a projecting second storey. The gable wall facing towards the yard is crowned with a small open belfry with a cupola roof, spire and weathercock - with a dinner bell below. Facing the yard is a richly decorated gable façade. Here one will find both the entrance to the first storey and the portico with a door to the loft. The storehouse on pillars is painted yellow with red ornamentation and nicely designed in accordance to the southern Norwegian storehouse on pillars decoration tradition. It also has simple detailing in the Swiss style. It may have been built using standardised design plans which were spread through pattern books among the farming communities. Otherwise it may have been produced as a prefabricated house at one of the larger timber companies in Trøndelag - from either Jacob Digre or Christian Thams?