Skistua School is situated in a residential area on an incline above the Narvik town centre. The site slopes towards the north and the west, with a view overlooking the town and the Ofot fjord. The building is positioned along the natural slope of the site, with two elongated volumes. The two volumes are in the form of a rectangle and semicircle, and protect the south facing outdoor areas.

On the town side of the building it is two-storied, with slanted roofs which are elevated towards the town and the view. The façade is clad with Siberian larch wood in a horizontal band. Vertical concrete elements break up this horizontal band on the side of the building that faces the playground. Large planes of glass and unmodified concrete dominate the walls which face the playground. Here the building appears like a one-storied building. The school was designed after thorough analysis of light conditions and wind directions.


Skistua skole