The bank's elegant and richly decorated assembly room is situated on the second floor. Elements from the exterior such as rounded corners and garlands are repeated and further embellished.

The assembly room has a rectangular footprint measuring 161.5m2 and the rounded corners and the high coved ceiling add to the sculptural qualities of the space. A tall white dado runs all the way around the room and the doors have tall garlanded pediments. The upper parts of the lime green walls are adorned with gilded garlands. A large mirror that reflects the light and also has the same shape as the windows, is mounted on the opposite wall and there are three large glass candelabra and matching wall lights. The ceiling is decorated with painted leaves and generous use of leaf gold. Add to that the low stage at the northern end and the orchestra balcony (now closed off) with gilded railings at the southern end and the room is certainly set for a festive atmosphere.


Tromsø Sparebank