Kirsten Sand's house is situated on the southeast side of Tromsøya, approximately 2.5 km south of the city centre. It was built as a demonstration of a light wooden platform construction. It was imperative during the post World War 2 reconstruction effort to use as few and light materials as possible. Once completed the house was open to the general public several Sundays on a row. Kirsten Sand also designed the plan for the neighbouring area with roads following the contour of the landscape and detached houses positioned to get optimal sunlight.

Mellomveien 130 is a relatively small and simple house with two floors and an attic. At the northern end is a one storey extension containing storage rooms. Brown corrugated fibre cement sheeting covers the two roofs and the wooden cladding is ochre with blue window surrounds and frames. To the east the house has a smaller extension with large windows and exit to the garden as well as two other characteristic bay windows.


Mellomveien 130 - Kirsten Sands bolig