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Mellomveien 34A and B in Tromsø city centre were built to provide homes for nurses working at the then nearby regional hospital. The neighbourhood now consists of a mixture of offices (mainly for the county council)
Tromsø Centre for Contemporary Art (Tromsø Kunstforening)
parking areas and further housing. Mellomveien 34A and B were built in 1955 and designed by the architects C. Thunes arkitektkontor. The property is owned by Troms County Council.

Built on a slope the buildings consist of four and six distinct sections, each with two bedsits per floor with a continuous central corridor running the length of each floor. Both 34A and B have the same structure and detailing with vertical wooden cladding and pitched roofs with metal sheeting, though the color of the external walls alternates between the sections.

Mellomveien 34 A og B