The county administration building was designed as a free-standing building surrounded by green vegetation, in line with the ideals of international modernism. It is located in the heart of the town centre, in an area that is regulated in accordance with the traditional grid pattern from the 19th century. With its modern design, it was the first building in the old section of the town centre that broke with this pattern. In order to implement the idea of a free-standing building surrounded by green grounds, the construction layout had to be carefully planned. The architect wrote that "emphasis is placed on creating a building that is an independent entity surrounded by green grounds. As for the neighbouring area, one can envision that a cohesive block will produce a vacant effect, with a green "space" that will interact with the other buildings. It seems only beneficial to break with the rest of the regulation scheme. The proposed plan will also provide more space and independence for the buildings on the other side of the streets Grønnegate and Vestergate."


Grønnegata 122