This block of flats is situated near the harbour in the Hansjordnes Bay, just north of the Tromsø Bridge. The complex contains 19 flats of varying sizes, along with premises for workshops, exhibitions and offices. The other structures in this area are mainly older industrial buildings. The original building on this site was also an industrial post-war building. Although it may appear very different, Bjørvig Wharf is the result of a reconstruction of the original building.

The building is complex in form and expression. Elements dart out from both the main form, which is comprised of right angles, and from the flat roof. The wall sections alternate in colour, from black glassed granite, to light metal plates with a wave-like structure. Windows and openings on the façade vary - from ordinary windows, a horizontal window band, large glass corner sections, to window sections that recess and "loggia" - which project like holes in the wall.

The wharf level and the roof terrace are connected through a complex interior stairwell gallery, which provides access to the building's different functions.


Bjørvig brygge