The building is situated at the heart of the Nørrøna Industrial Park, on the west-side of Tromsø Island, roughly 2 kilometres from the town centre. The area is characterised by office buildings that were chiefly built during the 1980s. The site is long and narrow, the terrain slopes downwards towards the southwest and Sandnes Sound. Rectangular in form, the building's short end overlooks the sound. This was the best solution for the layout of the site. One could characterise the building as having a somewhat rough appearance, one-storied including the pedestal and an attic (lofted room). The building is constructed with an outer skin of brickwork, in other words, there are two wall fields with ventilation in-between. It has a saddle roof that is covered in red brick plates. Large planes of glass face towards the south and the southwest. All of the windows/glass fields are directly mounted in the walls without any casing. A skylight runs along the entire length of the ridge of the roof, providing natural lighting for the work environment in the loft.


Steinsviks arkitektkontor