This plan is from 1966, merely a few years after the building was constructed. In terms of plan, the building is a compilation of several geometric elements. A centrally located quadrangular area is reserved for exhibitions. Attached to this area are rectangular structures which are located on the north, east and south sides of the building. The entrance area in the north is framed in by two wings. Towards the east lies the library wing, which is comprised of an elongated structure and a quadrangular tower. A rotunda, which is used as a café today, lies towards the west. It was not until recently that the two wings located towards the west were added. These along with the caretaker's housing, which was constructed simultaneously with the rest of the museum, situated on the south-eastern facing corner are not included in this plan. This illustration is taken from Ottar 2/1966, p. 7.


Tromsø museum