Salten Crematorium is located east of the Bodø town centre, in conjunction with the Bodin Cemetery. Bodin Church is situated south of the crematorium. Together they form the two outer points of an axis - with the cemetery located in-between. The complex serves people with various philosophies of life and religions. Only universal religious symbols were incorporated into the decoration of the crematorium. The symbolism is simple and tied to elements such as the direction of the sunset/sunrise in the east-west and horizontal and vertical lines.

Two sections comprise the building, a ceremonial section and a technical/administrative section. These two sections have a dissimilar design and articulation. The ceremonial section is tall and roughly square in plan, while the technical/administrative section, which is located behind, has a low-rising horizontal form. All of the sections have flat roofs. This fusion of volumes emphasises the importance of the ceremonial room and provides privacy from the working yard, which is situated in the north.

In 1999 an architecture competition was sponsored to design the complex and the building was completed in 2002.


Salten krematorium