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 Hol kirke

Hol kirke ( Hol Church)
At one time the area surrounding the Hol Church served as a graveyard. Still today, several old gravestones can be found inside of the fence. However, the soil conditions at this site proved to be inadequate for gravesites. Certain areas were wet and marshy, while others were shallow and rocky. The last burial that occurred at Hol was in 1830. Subsequently the graveyard at the Buksnes Church was used, prior to 1905. At this time the church started using the Petvik Graveyard.

According to oral tradition, the current church was originally meant to be built in Sennesvik. The site was prepared and the materials were purchased. Nevertheless not everyone agreed upon this location, and one dark night a group from Hol travelled to Sennesvik and retrieved the materials. The timber was transported around the mountain Ureberget by boat and piled onto the beach at Hol. Thereafter, rumours were spread that it was the Virgin Mary who moved the materials. One of the culprits, upon his deathbed, confessed to the vicar of their wrongdoings. Supposedly he was absolved from his sins. The new site location significantly shortened the distance from the Buksnes Graveyard to the chapel of ease.

Photographer: I.H.U 2005

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