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 Tromsø museum

Tromsø museum ( Tromsø Museum)
Address: Lars Thøringsvei 10, Tromsø
Architect: Gudolf Blakstad and Herman Munthe-Kaas Arkitektkontor AS
Construction System /
Building Type: Museum
Keywords: museum, concrete, tower, rotunda,
Year of Construction: 1959-1961
The Tromsø Museum is located on the southern end of Tromsø Island, approximately 2-3 kilometres from the Tromsø town centre. The building is situated in a naturally picturesque area, in a partially cultivated park/outdoor area. Here the terrain's natural form and most of the vegetation has been preserved. Strictly geometric forms such as squares, circles and rectangles constitute the design of the building. Towards the north lies the entrance, which is framed by two wings. The library wing is situated towards the east. It is comprised of an elongated one-storied structure and terminates with a low-rising quadrangular tower with a pyramidal roof. Towards the west lies a rotunda with a low-rising cone roof.

The building is white plastered and the entrance area is characterised by large expanses with few windows. These features, along with the way in which the tower and rotunda lead the visitor towards the entrance, provide the building with a monumental form of expression.

Tromsø museum was declared listed in 2014.

Literature: Tromsø museums årsberetning 1961
Ottar no. 48 (1966 no. 2), pp. 8-9
Publisher: The University of Tromsø, 29.11.2004
Author: H.G; H.S
Photographer: J.M.B 2003; T.A 2004

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