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 Universitetet i Tromsø, Arktisk-alpin Botanisk hage

Universitetet i Tromsø, Arktisk-alpin Botanisk hage ( University of Tromsø, Arctic-Alpine Botanical Garden)
Located near the pond, lies the amphitheatre, as the centre in an Arctic-Alpine Botanical Garden. It is a south facing amphitheatre that is made of large stone blocks, with cobblestones on the floor. It functions as a gathering place, where schoolchildren receive lectures, and where visitors to the gardens educational program are taught. Located nearby is the "Children's Corner," offering activities for small children, thereby protecting the plant collections from being used as a playground. This area also features a research based collection called "Children's Games with Wild Flowers," presenting plants that are used in children's games in Northern Norway.

Photographer: T.A 2005

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