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 Petersborggata 52

Petersborggata 52 ( Petersborggata 52)
Address: Petersborggata 52, Tromsø
Architect: Peter Arnet Amundsen jr.
Construction System /
Building Type: Residential; office
Keywords: residence, office, woodwork, functionalism, L-shape,
Year of Construction: 1937
This Functional style villa is located in the east, above the Tromsø town centre, among a stretch of residencies from the first half of the 20th century. The surrounding terrain is quite steep and has a nice view overlooking the Tromsø Sound. The building is L-shaped in plan. It is two-storied, flat roofed and has a rectangular main volume situated in an east-west direction. In addition, a square shaped one-storied annex with a roof terrace has been added to the south-side. The buildings volumes are more or less partially related to one another in order to create strong contrasts on the plane of the wall. This type of volume arrangement was common during the 1930s.

Petersborggata 52 (street address) was originally a residence with offices for the dean. Later it was bought by Tromsø's National Union of Teachers and used as their head office. In 2003 the building was reconstructed into flats.

Tromsø has a significant amount of Functional villas from the 1930s, situated in the surrounding areas of the town centre. Many of them have undergone large changes, something which has substantially changed the appearance of the buildings. Petersborggata 52 (street address) is still a good example of an original villa from the Functional period.

Literature: Hegstad, Sveinulf (ed.): Fotefar mot nord. Byvandringer, Tromsø, Tromsø (year unknown), p. 23
Publisher: The University of Tromsø, 24.11.2004
Author: M.E.L; H.S
Photographer: H.S 2004

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