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 Generalhagen og musikkpaviljongen i Harstad

Generalhagen og musikkpaviljongen i Harstad ( Generalhagen and Music Pavilion in Harstad)
The building is octagonal shaped with a diameter measuring 6.8 metres. Today it is situated level with the ground, on a low-rising wooden podium. Eight white Classical-style columns that measure 3 metres in height support the roof. A low-rising parapet, also painted white borders the pavilion on 4 sides, while it is open towards the northwest and towards the amphitheatre's sitting area.

A number of features are characteristic for this type of pavilion, such as the copper roof with a cupola, arching quality and field of windows. An alternation between convex and concave forms bestows the pavilion with an Oriental quality, but was also something that characterised the Jugendstil in the beginning of the 20th century. Each of the eight corners of the roof terminate with a pinnacle and sphere. An inlaid cylinder with a double row of windows is located where the roof bends. Above the cylinder, the roof continues in the opposite direction with a compressed cupola and is crowned with a cubic lantern with a tiny roof, where the gradual bend is continued. The ceiling is panelled underneath the framework of the shelter construction. The roof's form and wooden detailing comprises the main décor of the pavilion.

Photographer: K.J.A 2004

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