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 Taubanesentralen med bane 5 og 6

Taubanesentralen med bane 5 og 6 ( Aerial Ropeway Junction Building in Longyearbyen)
Situated at the foot of the mountain and the opening of the valley the aerial ropeway angle station in Endalen is a noticeable industrial landmark in the barren arctic landscape. Its purpose was to change direction of Aerial Ropeway no. 5 and join nos. 5 and 6 so that the coal from the two mines travelled along the same rope down to Longyearbyen. The building is a simple construction entirely clad with corrugated steel sheeting to protect the more complex aerial ropeway installations. The building's shape also reflects this. The design has much in common with the Aerial Ropeway Junction Building, though the angle station sits directly on the ground.

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