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 Taubanesentralen med bane 5 og 6

Taubanesentralen med bane 5 og 6 ( Aerial Ropeway Junction Building in Longyearbyen)
The 7.35km long aerial ropeway to Mine 5 was opened in 1959. It has an angle station where it changes direction leaving Adventdalen and turning into Endalen. Another aerial ropeway of 3.8km was built from the angle station when the new Mine 6 opened in 1969, and was appropriately named Aerial Ropeway no. 6. In 2003 both these aerial ropeways, the angle station, the trestles, four counterweights and the installations by the mine entrances were given protected status as was at the same time a 200m wide zone along the aerial ropeways outside town. The Aerial Ropeway Junction Building and these installations combined tell the story of the coal mining and its transport system in and around Longyearbyen.

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