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Nybyen ( New Town)
The workers' mess hall, dating from 1947 is also, like the workers' barracks, a rectangular building that has a gently-sloping gable roof and rests on wooden pile foundations. It has the same roof angle, but is broader than the barracks and has a different aspect. The floor, walls and ceiling of the basement level are concrete, while the main storey has horizontal wooden boarding. Like the other service buildings, it had broader mouldings and a more costly entrance section. But here, too, many of the building's special features associated with the period just after Second World War disappeared. The main hall is a total of 385 square metres in size, able to hold up to 500 people. The mess hall was in use until 1985 and is now used as a reception area for tourist accommodation and for serving breakfast during the summer season.

Photographer: G.S; W.F.S.

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