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 Harstad rådhus

Harstad rådhus ( Harstad Town Hall)
The oldest section of the town hall was erected in 1953, with a Functionalist form of expression and detailing. Towards the park and the north the building appears almost cubic, with uniformly positioned windows incised in the concrete wall which is plastered with mineral plaster. Towards the hill the building terminates with pillars and towards the sky with a flat roof and a minimal cornice at the top of wall. A corner tower terminates the south part of the building. The bottom storey of the building is slightly recessed so that supporting pillars appear like decorative elements - located between them is the entrance to the fire station. This storey and the pillars are clad with marble. The tower is articulated through the checkerboard pattern on the surface, something that is characteristic of the 1950s style of architecture. The same applies to the use of open-air balconies. Here the two upper stories and the vertical row of south facing balconies, behind the tower, provide a play of light and dark shadows on the façade.

There is still a fire station in the bottom storey of the town hall, as there was when it first opened. There are offices on the next two stories and flats on the two uppermost stories. Amid others, the chief fire officer once lived on the top storey.

Photographer: T.A 2004

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