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 Vardø rådhus

Vardø rådhus (Vardø Town Hall) ( )
The pyramid-shaped body of the building consists of four storeys and has a more or less square ground plan. The Town Hall is constructed of reinforced concrete. The facades are rendered and painted, the usual means of treating external surfaces during the rebuilding period. The elevated, pyramid-shaped roof is clad with black, rectangular tiles: together with its strict geometric form and location, these emphasize the building’s function. To the north, an internal staircase is visible through vertical window-panes.

The architects behind the building, architectural firm Berner & Evensen in Oslo under the leadership of the architect couple Turid Bernhoff Evensen and Kristen Bernhoff Evensen, designed a series of public buildings during the rebuilding of Finnmark. The welfare office and the red secondary school in Vardø are their work, together with Statens Hus (the State House), the county governor’s official residence in Vadsø, as well as Komagfjord Kapell (chapel) in Alta. The construction of the Town Hall and the other buildings for which the firm was responsible were overseen by the architect couple Sigrid (Solberg) Berner and Carl Christian Berner, who lived in Vardø for six years during the 1950s and ran the divisional office there.

Photographer: I.H.U

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