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 Botn - jugoslavisk krigskirkegård

Botn - jugoslavisk krigskirkegård ( Botn – Yugoslav war cemetery)
In the middle of the grassy plain stands a large memorial, carved in granite, decorated with a five-pointed star. The memorial inscriptions reads: “To the memory of the Yugoslavs who lost their lives in North Norway during the war of 1940-1945”. The graves of the dead do not have crosses and are marked by stone slabs, both named and unnamed, lying in a straight line along the slope. Along the edges of the burial site stand a few majestic pines and birch trees – tree types that grow naturally in this area. The memorial itself is marked by a noble type of tree, the mountain ash.

The Yugoslav cemetery was created by the landscape architect Karen Reistad. For many years, from 1951, she held the position of state graveyard officer and in this role she left behind many traces in the landscape, among them also the war cemeteries on Tjøtta.

Photographer: I.H 2006

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