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 Fogd Dreyers gate

Fogd Dreyers gate ( Fogd Dreyers gate)
The house at number 10 Fogd Dreyers gate distinguishes itself slightly from the other buildings in the street. Communal tenement dwellings were constructed in Tromsø from 1917 onwards to help with the acute lack of housing. Fogd Dreyers gate 10 was designed by Tromsø’s then newly-appointed town planner, Peter Arnet Amundsen. The building is designated “the ship” and was built as a communal tenement dwelling in 1918. This extended house is built over two storeys, with a slate-tiled gabled roof. The external walls are clad with wooden panelling, and the house has latticed three-gabled windows. The street side of the house has a centrally-positioned entrance section consisting of double doors, crowned by a gable wall motif, as well as a staircase leading up to the entrance. The shape of the façade, with its symmetry and the shape of the entrance and windows are all in a neoclassical style.

Photographer: I.H 2008

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