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 Å i Lofoten

Å i Lofoten ( Å in Lofoten)
The villa at Bekkhaugen was built in 1909 as a retirement residence for the owner of the fishing station. Today it houses part of the youth hostel. From Bekkhaugen there is a magnificent view over the fishing station and southwest out to sea.

This white-painted building in a Swiss style is built over one and a half storeys. The building has a high slate-covered gable roof, which projects considerably, and a centrally-situated dormer window on the main façade. The main entrance is incorporated in a conservatory, and the building has a rich selection of Swiss-style details in terms of ridge crests and spires, gable decoration and window surrounds. The building has T-post windows, where the upper section of glass is divided into four panes – denoting a Jugendstil influence, which was common in the first half of the twentieth century.

Photographer: I.H. 1990

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