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Kolflaath-gården ( Kolflaath-gården)
Address: Kongens gate 42, 8514 Narvik
Architect: Kristoffer Lange & Eirik Nustad, arkitekter MNAL
Client: Firma Kolflaath & Co
Construction System /
Concrete, stone, stucco
Building Type: Business property
Keywords: offive building, concrete, brick, plaster,
Year of Construction: 1950-1951
Kolflaath-gården is a business premises situated on one of the most strategic corners in the centre of Narvik – on the southern corner between the Torvet (market square) and Kongens gate. In line with this, its length faces the market square and its breadth, facing the street, is shaped like a gable. In order to accentuate the premises, and the market square itself, it is one storey higher than the neighbouring buildings and the gable extends out, standing on pillars over the pavement in Kongens gate.

The stone property, with its gable roof, has facades stuccoed with mineral rendering and its name is picked out in stone stucco. To begin with it was a general merchant property, with businesses at street level, a restaurant on the first floor, offices and apartments on the second and third floors and a dressmaker’s workshop up in the attic. The shape of the façade reflects its interior use, with large window panes and limited wall area downstairs and an expanse of stone increasing at the expense of the window area in the upper storeys.

Literature: Hage, Ingebjørg, Elin Haugdal, Bodil Ruud & Sveinulf Hegstad (eds): Arkitektur i Nord-Norge, Bergen 2007.
Publisher: The University of Tromsø, 24.02.2008
Author: I.H
Photographer: I.H 2007

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