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 Skogfoss kraftstasjon

Skogfoss kraftstasjon ( Skogfoss Power Station)
The architecture of the power station shows what goes on inside, expressing its function, and every function has its own building space in the construction. A power station of this type has to accommodate turbines and generators (these are designated as an aggregate term), transformers and various secondary constructions and apparatus spaces. This power station building is partly mined into the mountainside in order to achieve the necessary height for the turbines and water fall. Thus, the two turbines are situated under the visible construction, with the two generators on top. Only the topmost parts of the generators are visible in the machine hall, which constitutes the largest geometric space in the construction. The machine hall has high, narrow panes of glass that admit daylight in both the shorter walls. Along the machine hall’s northern long wall, collaring out over the water discharge, is situated the main transformer in its own building space, lower and narrower than the machine hall. Along the southern side of the machine hall are the workshop, storeroom and other necessary ancillary spaces. The most characteristic aspects of the construction are the three rectangular towers looming at the top – towards the south – and the dam/intake channel. This part of the building construction houses the water intake, with two large gates and all the machinery required in this context. Two of the towers accommodate the machinery for the two gates and the third vertical connection (steps) for those working on the construction.

Photographer: A.E 2003

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