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 Hol kirke

Hol kirke ( Hol Church)
The sanctuary room has grey painted timber walls which support a white painted barrel vault. In this respect, cross-plan churches form an intersecting vault - something that uplifts the room and bestows it with an airy quality. The ceiling and gallery are supported by round painted columns with prominent capitals. This was a common feature of Empire style churches. The remaining details, such as the mouldings and panels on the pulpit and pews, are painted with bright colours. A red runner carpets the floor in both of the cross arms, emphasising a forward direction towards the choir.

The first organ was located in the gallery at the back of the church. Today's organ, dated 1986, is located on the left side in the choir.

The style of pulpit suggests that it was built at the same time as the rest of the church. Apparently, the interior of the pulpit was once adorned with a painted rendering of John the Baptist.

Photographer: I.H.U. 2005

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