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 Grønnåsen kirke

Grønnåsen kirke ( Grønnåsen Church)
Address: Dramsveien 203, Tromsø
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Architect: Eigill Hallset, arkitekt MNAL; Kolbrun Ragnarsdottir, arkitekt MNAL
Construction System /
Woodwork; concrete
Building Type: Church
Keywords: church, woodwork, concrete, skylight, vertical boarding
Year of Construction: 1996
The Grønnåsen Church is located in a spinney on the north-side of Tromsø Island. In addition to the sanctuary room, the building houses both the offices and the parish hall. Following World War II, it became customary to construct so-called working churches. These churches gathered both the parish's administrative and social functions under one roof, as seen in this church.

The church has an apparent plan, which makes it easy for visitors to orientate themselves. The sanctuary room has an obvious axis that leads from the exterior door to the church's most sacred area - the altar. A skylight window in the ceiling ridge follows this axis. A field of windows leads from the entrance, along the sloping ceiling to an open bell tower, terminating along the wall behind the altar. The building's façade is clad with unadorned vertical panelling, which is painted grey.
Literature: Glass og fasade 1/1998, pp. 16-19
Publisher: The University of Tromsø, 26.11.2004
Author: G.P; H.S; T.A
Photographer: J.M.B 2003; T.A 2004

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